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 Mountaineering and Hiking

The Outdoor Guide (TOG) is an online resource set up by Julia Bradbury and sister Gina that aims to bring together information for walks all around the UK. Julia is proud to be the first female President of The Camping and Caravanning Club.

On TOG you will find fab walks including those from Julia Bradbury’s most recent walk programme ‘Britain’s Favourite Walks: Top 100’. It aims to put companies with the same ethos together under one roof to inspire families to get out and explore this wonderful country.

Gina, Co-founder says “There is also some amazing gear and gadgets to browse through, interesting things to do, along with suggested places to stay! There really is something for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.”

Julia’s Instagram ‘Lockdown Sessions’ with psychotherapist Jonathan Hoban held over the past few months have covered a range of mental health issues including tips for handling stress, anger and fear, the importance of being able to show and share difficult emotions, and why taking regular outdoor exercise can be so beneficial for physical and mental health.

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“We don’t need science to tell us that time spent outdoors in the fresh air and surrounded by nature is good for our mental health. We can feel those life-affirming vibes flooding in as soon as we put ourselves in a green or open natural space. Reconnecting with nature has hugely positive effects for wellbeing and is a passion that’s shared by The Outdoor Guide and Black Dog Outdoors.”

– Julia Bradbury

The outdoors is great for our mind, heart and wellbeing, and during these last few months people may not have been able to go to those wonderful places, however we have been sharing our walk videos to give a bit of inspiration for people to visit in future, once restrictions have been lifted.

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