Are you interested in attending one of our events but aren’t sure if you’re eligible, or how to register, or what equipment you’ll need?

Don’t worry, you’re unlikely to be alone, and our philosophy is that the silliest question is often the one that isn’t asked. We’ve pulled together a list of commonly asked questions below that should help answer your query. If you’re still not sure, then drop us a note at contact@blackdogoutdoors.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.

Who are the events aimed at?

Our events are aimed specifically at adults who are affected by poor mental health.

Can children attend?

Generally, no.  However, there may be certain exceptions where we will allow under 18’s to attend, as long as they are supervised by their parent or legal guardian.

Do I need to have a diagnosed mental illness to attend?

Absolutely not.  Many people are affected by poor mental health without seeking diagnosis by a medical practitioner, hence there is no requirement to have a formal diagnosis to attend an event.

How fit / experienced will I need to be?

Our events are aimed towards novices and are always planned to be enjoyable, rather than an epic challenge.  We’ll need to know about any pre-existing conditions or injuries that you may have but, aside from that, there are no minimum fitness or experience requirements.

Who runs the events?

Our events are always led by qualified outdoor professionals, so you’re in safe hands!

Is there an expectation for me to talk openly about my mental health on the event?

Nope!  There’s no expectation for you to talk however, should you wish to, we always have mental health first aid trained support staff on our events that can listen and help signpost.

Will I need insurance to attend an event?

No.  Blackdog Outdoors are insured to deliver the events.  If you want to get out more after the event, then it’s worth looking at insurance from the governing bodies, such as the BMC and British Canoeing.

How much do the events cost?

Nothing.  Nil.  Zilch.  Nada.  That’s correct, our events are free to attend, with the exception of our skills training courses that are subject to cost.

How are these events funded?

Our events are funded through donations and grants.  If you’d like to make a donation, to sustain our work, you can do so via the link on our <website>.

Is transport and accommodation covered by Blackdog Outdoors?

No.  You’ll have to make your own way to the start of the event and, if staying over, arrange for your own accommodation.  We’re happy to help you plan this if you need assistance or advice.

Can I attend as many events as I like throughout the year?

There is no limit set on the number of events you can attend however, if you’ve already booked onto an event, we would ask you to be mindful of the needs of others before booking onto further events.

What equipment will I need?

The event leader will send you a list of equipment in advance of the event.  This will usually comprise of personal clothing, such as waterproofs and warm layers.  Blackdog Outdoors will provide any equipment such as kayaks, buoyancy aids, climbing ropes and harness, etc.

How do I book onto an event?

To ensure we are compliant with GDPR, and to minimise our own admin time, we have different booking systems for the various activities.  These will be stated on our event calendar and social media posts, but can be summarise as:

Do Blackdog Outdoors provide 1:1 sessions?

No.  Our aim is to maximise attendance at our events; hence we do not run 1:1 sessions.  You can, however, contact us to arrange a private session with our qualified leaders and instructors, which will be subject to cost.  The services we offer are:

  • Hill / mountain days with a qualified leader
  • Paddle sessions with a qualified instructor
  • Outdoor climbing sessions with a qualified instructor
  • Indoor climbing sessions with a qualified instructor

Do Blackdog Outdoors provide events for businesses and organisations?

Yes.  We deliver closed events for businesses and organisations under our Professional Services capability.  These events are subject to cost, which will be determined by the event type, and number of participants.